Assouline is delighted to announce the launch of Assouline Red, created in collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute to commemorate the brand’s 30th anniversary. Assouline’s library of nearly 2,000 vibrant, sophisticated volumes published over the last three decades have come to life with Pantone’s iconic color chips, which provide the foundation for creating striking books that are as much treasured decorative objects as they are visually rich narratives. Already a natural partnership, the official recognition of Assouline’s signature red shade by the world’s foremost authority on color makes the brand the first luxury publisher with its own Pantone hue.

According to founder and creative director Prosper Assouline, this signature color stimulates the imagination, representing beauty and energy, while heightening our senses to the art and wisdom of knowledge. A full-bodied warm red with a hint of yellow, Assouline Red has been the quintessential expression of the brand since the very beginning. Drawing inspiration from the use of Sennelier’s handmade red pastels to Mark Rothko’s bold and imaginative use of the color, the brand has used this color as a symbol of breaking the rules, invigorating people through storytelling, and encouraging readers to express their passions.

The new Assouline Red is a vibrant and vigorous red tone that breaks boundaries, inspiring a gloriously captivating feeling that ignites our consciousness and redefines our experience of red.

– Laurie Pressman, Vice-President Pantone Color Institute