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Delve into a world of design and sophistication with Assouline's captivating collection of coffee-table books. Explore a range of sub-genres celebrating the realms of interior design, architecture, and artistic innovation.

Discover the essence of interior design through books that showcase elegant aesthetics, spatial compositions, and décor inspirations. Dive into architectural wonders and urban landscapes, exploring the evolution of structural brilliance and cityscapes.

Unveil the creative process and innovative thinking behind iconic designs, from furniture to fashion, and gain insight into the minds of visionary creators shaping our world.

Explore the intersection of art and design, where creativity meets functionality, and discover how these elements intertwine to define our living spaces.

Assouline's Design collection offers a glimpse into the diverse facets of design, from the intricacies of decor to the grandeur of architectural marvels. Elevate your understanding and appreciation of design's influence on our lives through these visually captivating and intellectually stimulating coffee-table books.